Open Records Request

The Bourbon County Clerk is the designated contact person for requests made under the Kansas Open Records Act. To request open records, fill out an Open Records Request Form or contact the County Clerks Office by calling (620) 223-3800 x 14, or by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For more information about the Kansas Open Records Act (KORA) go to Kansas Attorney General.

Requests for open records should be made in writing to assure understanding of what is being requested.  Though a form is not required, one is available for your use.  Please fill it out and present it to the County Clerk so that it may be reviewed and/or fulfilled.  Bourbon County Open Records Request Form.
Below is the most recent fee schedule for Bourbon County.
Resolution 10-06
Bourbon County, Kansas
Schedule of Copy and Fax fees for Bourbon County
WHEREAS, Bourbon County adopted resolution 99-19 on May 28, 1999, in accordance with the Kansas Open Records Act (KORA), K.S.A. 45-215 through 45-223; and
WHEREAS, the County Clerk, as the official Custodian of Public Records for Bourbon County, sets the fees for complying with requests for copies and/or access to public records ; and
WHEREAS, a fee schedule for copies and faxes in accordance with KORA is needed for recuperation of costs associated with recovering and compiling records to be copied and/or faxed; and
WHEREAS, a uniform schedule of fees throughout the courthouse is essential for the public as well as the County.
THEREFORE, the following schedule of fees is established, effective immediately:
Print Screens
of computer data
per record
8 ½ “ x 11 “
per page
8 ½ “ x 14 “
per page
11” x 17 “
per page
Faxes sent
Local and toll free
long distance
Faxes received
per page
ICS Sheet
Comp Sheet
up to 20 pgs, .25 per page over 20 pages
Replacement W2/1099
Voter Registration List*
for all voters
Dem. Or Rep. Only
per page for other lists
*Declared candidates and Party Chairs may receive one free list of their choosing per election cycle. 
A charge of $18.00 per hour may be assessed for the cost of an employee for recovering, researching, compiling and copying information.  A minimum time of ½ hour will be assessed for reasonable time spent by an employee in completing a request.
This schedule applies to all requests to Bourbon County for information unless other agreements are in place.  This schedule does not apply to non-County agencies located in the Courthouse, such as the District Court, Agricultural Extension or Department of Motor Vehicles (Driver’s Licenses).
This resolution replaces Resolution 19-03.
Requests for copies of your public records concerning your property tax/assessment of value/property deed are free of charge.
PASSED IN OPEN SESSION THIS 6th day of March 2006 by the Board of County Commissioners of Bourbon County, Kansas.
                                                                                      (ss) Gary Houston, Chairman 
                                                                                      (ss) Bill Brittain, Commissioner                                     
                                                                                      (ss) Terry Graham, Commissioner
(ss) Joanne Long, County Clerk