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The KSCAMA data is available on-line. There are three search levels available; one for the Public and two for Registered Users.


Level One Public Search Displays limited information. 
Level Two Registered Search-For Realtor Agents, Insurance Agents, etc. Displays information from the KSCAMA database with the exception of Sales information. 
Level Three Registered Search for Fee Appraisers Displays information from the KSCAMA database with Sales information. 


 If you would like to become a Registered User please contact the Appraiser's office at 620-223-3800, ext. 107, for an Application. There is a fee associated with the Registered User Search.


Elected Officials

  • Elm Creek Lake Reservations 620-224-8722
  • Have a problem with Noxious Weeds?
    Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Landfill address:  2286 Noble Rd, Fort Scott 620-223-5773
  • Have you misplaced some money?  Find out at the Kansas Unclaimed Property website here!
  • Need help saving for college?  Check this out!

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